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xforever familyx
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Ninjas shed blood, blood is family

forever family
18 visions, 7angels 7plagues, a jealousy issue, american eagle, american nightmare, appleseed cast, arkangel, as friends rust, ass sex, bane, being fucking edge, being so hot, black metal, botch, boy sets fire, brass knuckles, bridge nine records, caliban, cave in, chugga chugga, codeseven, converge, cursive, dance, darkest hour, deathwish records, deep elm records, discount, earth crisis, eddie money, edge, eiffel, embrace of a child, eulogy records, evergreen terrace, evil dead, ferrit records, fortitude, from autumn to ashes, getting ladies phone numbers, girlfriends, glasseater, glassjaw, harvest, hatebreed, hopesfall, hot hot heat, hot water music, i hate myself, idle hands, indecision, initial records, jets to brazil, keepsake, kite flying society, knives, kumite, last days of april, llbnf, love is red, macking the ladies, mike/shaun hot boy crew, mineral, mix tapes, morning again, mosh, most precious blood, mytruefriendswillstandbymeuntilthefuckingend, party hard, piebald, piercings, planes mistaken for stars, poison the well, prince, remembering never, saetia, saved by grace, seventh star, sex, shai hulud, snapcase, south florida hardcore, straight edge, stretch armstrong, strife, strongarm, tattoos, the cars, the cure, the dillenger escape plan, the faint, the gap, the hope conspiracy, the locust, the money shot, the used, this day forward, throwdown, true friends, trustkill records, undecided records, underoath, unearth, until the end, vegan, veganisim, vegetarians, victory records, walls of jericho, weapons, xforever familyx, xninja crewx, xno love lostx, xone fifthx, xxx, zao